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Driverless car

Accidents with driverless cars: what are the legal implications?

27th July 2016

Posted by: Your Legal Friend

Whilst driver error is responsible for most road traffic accidents, driverless vehicles shift the accident risk from the individual to the vehicle and the manufacturers’ systems.  This raises the key issue of who is ultimately liable when there is an accident?

Newborn baby

Understanding Cumberlege: The right to quality maternity care

27th July 2016

Posted by: Your Legal Friend

Whilst maternity care standards have improved dramatically over the decades, there are still risks associated with childbirth and complications can occur. However, this risk can be compounded when those responsible for supporting mother and baby are negligent.

Yellow tape reading 'Asbestos' - mesothelioma

Action Mesothelioma day - the importance of being awake

22nd June 2016

Posted by: Your Legal Friend

Action Mesothelioma Day takes place on the 1st July and is an important day for raising awareness of a deadly, but almost entirely preventable, form of cancer. This disease has a devastating effect and the UK has seen almost a 500% increase in incidence since the 1970s. 

Doctor looks at an X-ray image of a spinal cord

Raising awareness of spinal cord injury

18th May 2016

Posted by: Your Legal Friend

Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Day takes place on May 20th 2016 and is an important opportunity to raise awareness of the life-changing impact the condition can have.

Brain scan images - brain injury week

Action for brain injury week - where to turn

11th May 2016

Posted by: Your Legal Friend

Every year, leading UK brain charity Headway organises Action for Brain Injury Week to raise awareness of the devastating effects of Acquired Brain Injury (ABI). This year it takes place from May 9th-15th.