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Candlelight vigil

Supporting International Workers Memorial Day 2018

24th April 2018

Posted by: Your Legal Friend

International Workers Memorial Day (IWMD) takes place on Saturday 28th April 2018. The aim is to remember all those around the world who sadly lost their lives through work and to raise awareness of how important it is to improve safety at work to prevent tragedies happening in the future.

Female cyclist on busy road

Increasing risk of serious cycling injury: how to stay safe

4th April 2018

Posted by: Your Legal Friend

According to statistics, less cycling accidents are fatal for victims than they were a decade ago but the number of serious injuries being reported has increased by a sizeable 17%. We break down all the figures and offer some advice on how to stay safe cycling...

Doctor examining a mole for signs of skin cancer

Your guide to early signs and symptoms of skin cancer

4th April 2018

Posted by: Your Legal Friend

Skin cancer is by far the most common form of cancer in Britain. It kills over 2000 people in the UK every year, but according to British Associations of Dermatologiststhe majority of adult population remains completely oblivious to the dangers of this deadly disease and how to spot early signs of skin cancer.

How to write a letter of complaint about NHS services

12th March 2018

Posted by: Your Legal Friend

Writing a letter of complaint isn’t the same as making a claim, but it can be a good start in trying to understand what happened to you and why; so whether you decide to claim or not, you should always raise a complaint if you have a problem with NHS care.

Victory for mesothelioma victims

27th February 2018

Posted by: Your Legal Friend

After more than 7 years of injustice, the Court of Appeal has put an end to the technical defence raised in a series of cases culminating in a previous Court of Appeal ruling, by unanimously overturning the High Court decision in Bussey v Anglia Heating Ltd.

NHS appointment delays cartoon

Are we risking our health?

17th January 2018

Posted by: Your Legal Friend

We surveyed over 2,000 people to find out how long people would wait before chasing an expected follow-up appointment with their healthcare provider.