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Horrific Hand Injuries Down To Company Negligence And Unguarded Machinery

1st October 2013

Posted by: Your Legal Friend

It’s very rare for a week to pass without hearing another horrific report of an employee who has lost one or more fingers to a machine with an unguarded access to moving parts, such as rotating blades or rollers. 

The problem is not confined to any one industry, and highlights how injury claims due to neglect, lack of risk assessment, inadequate training and supervision can unfortunately, apply to any company and across all sectors.

Car sat nav

Satnav? Sleeping? Are These The Real Reasons Why Motorists Fail To See The Motorcyclist?

30th September 2013

Posted by: Your Legal Friend

The No.1 reason why a road user of the two-wheeled variety literally falls victim to a fatal accident or becomes a determined bicycle accident claims case? It’s likely that a bike rider, glowering behind their darkened visor will immediately point a gloved finger at the car or van driver who says in their defence that they simply failed to see the motorcyclist.

Work boots and hard hat

Steel Company Puts A Foot Wrong When Issuing Protective Boots

30th September 2013

Posted by: Your Legal Friend

The importance of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) can never be underestimated in any workplace let alone within construction, engineering and other heavy industries. It is always disappointing to hear of employers who appear to cut corners or simply fail to heed advice, which could have so easily have prevented a needless accident or a subsequent injury claim from taking place...

Fire escape on the side of an appartment building

Blocked fire escape - restaurant disaster averted by safety inspectors

27th September 2013

Posted by: Your Legal Friend

Between  April 2011 and March 2012, a total of 223,000 fires were attended by Fire and Rescue Authorities in England, just two per cent fewer than in the same period 2010-11. There were 4,277 non-fatal casualties and 304 fire fatalities, down 8 per cent on 2010-11 (Department for Communities and Local Government, 2012).

Bikes chained to bike stands

Motorists Mistake Your Legal Cycling Rights

26th September 2013

Posted by: Your Legal Friend

Changing negative motorist attitudes towards cyclists is constantly referred to by cycling organisations as being key to transforming road safety culture. Naturally, motorists disagree and are often heard ranting that cyclists “don’t pay road tax, jump red lights and shouldn’t even really be on the road, end of...”

Driver and passenger bracing for a collision

Is There A Whiplash Claim When There’s Not A Mark On The Claimant’s Car?

25th September 2013

Posted by: Your Legal Friend

More than 8 in ten of those involved in a vehicle collision, “displayed no symptoms of their injury within three months of the car accident” taking place, according to previous research by the European Federation of National Associations of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (EFORT).