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Pothole in middle of the road

Is Pothole Armageddon Just Being Papered Over By A Temporary Fix?

21st October 2013

Posted by: Your Legal Friend

Potholes are in the news again. Not that the problem of the UK’s disrupted road surfaces has ever gone away. In fact, according to figures collected by breakdown service, Britannia Rescue, we are presently engulfed by a “pothole epidemic”, which has led to a staggering near 80 per cent increase in accident claims from local authorities in the last 12 months.

Man in car holding neck in pain

Whiplash Symptoms Of Head Trauma And Dizziness.

18th October 2013

Posted by: Your Legal Friend

One of the clear recommendations to appear in the Transport Consultation Committee (TSC) report July 2013, was for the compulsory reporting of medical evidence by an independent board of medical specialists. Objective reporting is especially critical to the diagnosis of any complex condition, the proposal of which, Your Legal Friend is determined to support in returning the focus once more to the genuine traffic accident victim.

Cycling in the countryside

Will Cyclist Safety Be Improved By Strict Liability Laws?

16th October 2013

Posted by: Your Legal Friend

The idea that motorists will be liable if they are involved in a collision with a cyclist (or pedestrian) has been gathering support ever since the campaign for the introduction of strict liability into civil law was launched in Scotland in April, aimed at “streamlining the legal pathway” to bicycle accident compensation.

Doctor speaking to elderly patient

Future Quality Of Care In Today’s Spotlight

10th October 2013

Posted by: Your Legal Friend

The quality of Britain’s healthcare remains a passionate issue for many, and has certainly been high on the news agenda at this year’s party political conferences. What is abundantly clear is that dedication and commitment to public healthcare, set into place 65 years ago as the cornerstones of the NHS, still exist as guiding ideals within the hospital wards and surgeries of Britain today.

Man on phone after crash

Road Traffic Accidents Involving An Uninsured Driver At A High Level

9th October 2013

Posted by: Your Legal Friend

On the 3rd October it was reported that more than 180 vehicles were seized during the latest Metropolitan Police crackdown on uninsured drivers. Official police figures state that 1 in every 200 full license drivers have been caught and subsequently penalised for being uninsured but many believe the real figure to be much higher.

Crashed motorbike

"Motorcyclist Fatality Figures Fall While Casualties Are Up, Says Transport Report."

7th October 2013

Posted by: Your Legal Friend

It’s heartening news indeed to see a downtrend trend in 2012 motorcyclist road casualty figures released in the latest Department of Transport (DfT) report. Overall, road traffic accidents involving motorcyclists have improved in recent years with a likely corresponding reflection on motorbike accident claims entitlement...

Cyclist nearly getting hit by car

Cyclist Casualties Caused By Misunderstanding Of ‘Right Of Way’ Entitlement

3rd October 2013

Posted by: Your Legal Friend

Two cycling accidents, one fatal, are currently in the press headlines. The reactions of the drivers involved once again reveal that the journey to reforming attitudes towards the cyclist may indeed be an uphill struggle, with many a bicycle accident claim along the way.