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Dermatitis and Skin Conditions Claims

Your guide to claiming compensation for work-related skin conditions.

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Making a dermatitis claim

A wide range of skin conditions can be caused by exposure to certain chemicals at work.  Collectively known as dermatitis, these problems can be caused either by direct contact with an irritant that damages the outer layer of the skin or by the body’s own immune system creating an allergic reaction that affects the skin. You may experience redness, itching, weeping or a painful cracking of the skin. Contact dermatitis caused by irritants is more common than allergic reaction, causing up to 8 in every 10 cases.

Work-related dermatitis can often affect not only people who work in the chemical industry but also people like hairdressers and beauticians who regularly use a variety of chemicals in their treatments. Although there are many causes of dermatitis, if you didn’t have it when you were a child or it’s become a lot worse recently, then your work may be causing it.

Urticaria is another form of skin condition caused by a work related irritant or contact with a substance at work.  It is different from dermatitis as it can occur quickly following skin contact and disappear again some hours later.  Urticaria can be caused by excessive cold or heat, some foods, or a latex allergy that causes the condition to erupt.

If you are exposed to any chemicals or substances that could irritate your skin, your employer must provide you with the right training and supply proper protective work equipment for you to use. If your employer hasn’t done so, and it’s affected you, it is important to speak to a specialist solicitor with expertise in this type of condition.

Our experienced occupational illness solicitors can advise and support you throughout your claim. Above all, our experts can help you secure the compensation you deserve.

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Our occupational illness solicitors have many years of experience working with victims of dermatitis and other skin conditions. They understand how difficult it can be for you to make the decision to pursue a claim. 

Asbestos-related illness claims team

Our expert team will handle your case with the care, compassion and professionalism you not only deserve, but need, during this time.

Alison Saul, Director of Personal Injury leads our Personal Injury and Road Accident teams.  A fully qualified solicitor with over 15 years of experience and expertise, Alison is dedicated to achieving the highest levels of compensation for her clients as well as ensuring high quality client care.

Alison is assisted by her team managers, Philip Waters Lee Quinn, Jenna Hargreaves, and Kathryn Langton.  Philip, Lee, and Jenna lead legal teams focusing on Road Traffic Accident cases while Kathyrn leads our Personal Injury team. Together they have a wealth of experience in personal injury compensation.

Philip, a qualified solicitor, has over 18 years’ experience in personal injury compensation.  Having previously worked for a large insurance company, he has extensive insights in how to engage effectively with insurers to achieve the level of compensation our clients deserve. Philip deals with cases of high value, complex cases, and recently secured £1.6 million in compensation for one of his clients who suffered catastrophic injuries in a road accident.

Lee has over 15 years’ specialist experience in Personal Injury claims and also manages a wide variety of high value, complex cases. Lee has extensive experience of working with insurance companies, acting for both claimants and defendants, and so understands how to secure the highest levels of compensation for the victims of road traffic accidents.

Jenna is a qualified solicitor and has studied to become a barrister. Jenna leads the internal reviews of our case management processes to ensure excellent, efficient case handling and high levels of client satisfaction.

Kathryn, also a qualified solicitor, specialises in accidents at work, public liability and accidents abroad. Kathryn deals with a wide variety of cases, often including accidents that involve serious, complex injuries.

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