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Accidents and Illness

Your guide to making a personal injury claim for an accident or illness

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An unexpected accident or illness can place you under strain.
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Suffered an accident or illness? Here’s how we can help

An accident, injury or illness is an unexpected and disruptive event in your life that can have far reaching implications. Usually just a nuisance, when you are forced to deal with a serious malady, it can affect every aspect of your life, from your social life to your finances. This is a bother at the best of times, but when you suffer an accident, injury or illness due to someone else’s incompetence or negligence, it can be infuriating and deeply unfair when you find yourself forced to pick up the bill for someone else’s mistake.

That’s why we, Your Legal Friend, help people to pursue personal injury compensation for accidents, illnesses and injuries. Our experienced team cover a range of case types including

We strive to obtain the maximum compensation possible for our clients, in order to offset any financial hardship they might have experienced due to their accident or injury.

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Alison Saul, Director of Personal Injury leads our Personal Injury and Road Accident teams. A fully qualified solicitor with over 15 years of experience and expertise, Alison is dedicated to achieving the highest levels of compensation for her clients as well as ensuring high quality client care.

Our Work Accidents claims expert team

Alison is assisted by her team managers, Philip Waters Lee Quinn, Jenna Hargreaves, and Kathryn Langton. Philip, Lee, and Jenna lead legal teams focussing on Road Traffic Accident cases while Kathyrn leads our Personal Injury team. Together they have a wealth of experience in personal injury compensation.

Philip, a qualified solicitor, has over 18 years’ experience in personal injury compensation. Having previously worked for a large insurance company, he has extensive insights in how to engage effectively with insurers to achieve the level of compensation our clients deserve. Philip deals with cases of high value, complex cases, and recently secured £1.6 million in compensation for one of his clients who suffered catastrophic injuries in a road accident.

Lee has over 15 years’ specialist experience in Personal Injury claims and also manages a wide variety of high value, complex cases. Lee has extensive experience of working with insurance companies, acting for both claimants and defendants, and so understands how to secure the highest levels of compensation for the victims of road traffic accidents.

Jenna is a qualified solicitor and has studied to become a barrister. Jenna leads the internal reviews of our case management processes to ensure excellent, efficient case handling and high levels of client satisfaction.

Kathryn, also a qualified solicitor, specialises in accidents at work, public liability and accidents abroad. Kathryn deals with a wide variety of cases, often including accidents that involve serious, complex injuries.

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There are many people injured in accidents each year through no fault of their own and the circumstances will be different in each instance. Our team has extensive experience of successfully managing a wide range of personal injury claims, so we can help you secure the maximum compensation you deserve.

Alison Saul

Director of Personal Injury

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