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Resilience Test

2020 Legal Ltd Resilience Test

How well do you cope? Are you resilient? Do you bounce back from life's struggles, or do they throw you off kilter? At 2020 Legal we cherish resilience as a key attribute; we make no bones about the fact that the Legal Industry is a fast paced, demanding environment and our employees are trained to cope with high levels of challenging but rewarding work. We take pride in being a successful, powerful legal firm that achieves justice for our clients. We are aggressive litigators. Resilience is the quality that allows us to survive and succeed, and even gain strength from adversity. Take the 2020 Legal Resilience Test to assess how resilient you are and whether you are suitable to work for 2020 Legal. Examine the following statements and indicate which option best describes or applies to you. After finishing this test, you will receive a brief interpretation of your score.

Please read the following statements. To the right of each you will find five numbers, ranging from "1" (Strongly Disagree) on the left to "5" (Strongly Agree) on the right. Click the circle below the number which best indicates your response about the statement. For example, if you strongly disagree with a statement, click the circle below "1". If you are neutral, click "3", and if you strongly agree, click "5", etc. You must answer every question to submit the test.

Resilience Statements

1. I usually find a way to manage

2. I rarely lose my temper

3. I take things in my stride

4. I follow through with them plans that I make

5. I am determined

6. I have self discipline

7. I can manage a lot of things at the same time

8. When I'm in a difficult situation, I can usually find a solution

9. I don't expect everyone to like me

10. If I fail, I learn from the mistake and put things in place to ensure I do not repeat the mistake

11. I do not dwell on things that I can't do anything about

12. Sometimes I make myself do things whether I want to or not

13. I can usually look at a situation from several different views

14. In an emergency, people usually rely on me

15. I always find something to laugh about

16. My belief in myself gets me through difficult times

17. I feel able to depend on myself more than anyone else

18. I am my biggest critic

19. I have a positive mental attitude

20. I am a confident person

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