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Stuart D - RTA Fee Earner

Name: Stuart D

Joined the company: November 2010

Starting position: Paralegal

Current position: RTA Fee Earner

What support have you received to help you develop through the company?

I started working for 2020 Legal Ltd as a Paralegal in 2010 having previous worked for a Large Law Firm in Liverpool running a Defendant RTA case load. I initially started within a team headed by an experienced Solicitor and a Paralegal. This was my first role within Claimant Litigation and I was given good guidance and training from my manager and the firm as a whole through training courses. 

As my knowledge progressed I was promoted to the newly created Assistant Fee Earner role to have a more direct influence of the running of cases. My manager at the time was very supportive and was keen for me to progress towards having my own team. In May 2013 I was encouraged to apply for the role of Junior Fee earner, which later became the NCP Fee Earner. 

This was my first taste of management of a team under my own name and I was keen to make a good impression, both my team and myself worked hard to make a good impression and be a proactive and efficient team. I received excellent mentoring and guidance from firstly Alison Saul and then from Jenna Hargreaves as my Fee Earner manager. 

Whilst working under Jenna I was encouraged to take more complex cases on and she was always available for advice and guidance. After a few good years of being an NCPFE I was put on a performance plan to become a full Fee Earner, after passing the development plan in October 2015 I was promoted to Fee Earner and given conduct over the majority of the ABS files that I was seconded into. I feel that we have a good level of knowledge between the Fee Earners of every level within 2020 Legal Ltd and I am happy to knowledge share with the majority of staff.

Career aspirations:

I would like to continue my development as a Fee Earner and start taking on higher value and more complex cases.  I am keen to progress further within 2020 Legal Ltd towards a management position.

What do you like most about working for 2020 Legal?

I enjoy working with colleagues who have a variety of experience and career paths, I believe that we have a strong Fee Earning group supported by dedicated staff and I am always confident to approach either my manager or another senior member of staff to discuss an issue or problem as there is not a lot that has not been seen before.