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Rachael P - Clinical Negligence Paralegal

Name: Rachael P

Joined the company: November 2011

Starting position: FRT Assistant

Current position: Clincal Negligence Paralegal

What support have you received to help you develop through the company?

I started working for 2020 Legal in November 2011 and it was clear from the beginning I would be supported in any way possible to progress my career. I gained experience and confidence whilst in FRT. My time there helped me to understand every aspect of a case and how important our first impressions are. Whilst in FRT I was given the opportunity to use my skills and knowledge from my law degree and LPC to work with both the case authorisation and the case review teams. In April 2015 I made the move from FRT to the Clinical Negligence department as a Legal Assistant.  I worked hard and was rewarded with the opportunity to complete a development plan to become a Paralegal. This meant I undertook my Legal Assistant duties but also took on paralegal responsibilities under supervision. I have been fully supported by my manager and my team to develop my skills and gain confidence in the work I produce, and in January 2016 I was promoted to a full time Paralegal.

Our Clinical Negligence team has expanded a lot over the past year but I still feel I have the same level of support as I did when I first joined the team. The managers are always looking for a way to develop the team with training and we have regular one to one sessions to review progress and discuss any concerns so you do not feel overlooked as an individual and always feel valued. It is good to have feedback as it keeps the standards high and ensures I will be able to carry this standard with me throughout my career. I have also received a lot of support and active encouragement in relation to my preparation for applying for my Training Contract which has been very much appreciated to assist me with progressing onto the next stage of my career. 

Career aspirations: 

To become a qualified Clinical Negligence Solicitor.

What do you like most about working for 2020 Legal?

I feel supported in the journey to progress my career and do not feel there are limitations placed on me. I know this is not the case for all firms and have had bad experiences in the past so 2020 Legal has really helped me.