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David R - Fee Earner

Name: David R

Joined the company: August 2008

Starting position: Paralegal

Current position: Fee Earner

What support have you received to help you develop through the company?

I started working for 2020 Legal Limited as a Paralegal in 2008. Although I came from an insurance background, I had little experience in respect of litigation and I was subsequently given a lot of support internally at the outset. I later applied for promotion and was successful in starting up the first NCP team when the pre-action protocol first came into force. This was down to my enthusiasm for the role and the organisation.

I began working as an NCP Fee Earner under the management of the Personal Injury Director, Alison Saul.  I learnt a lot in terms of tactics and the Company’s methodology whilst working under Alison’s guidance.  Given the infancy of the protocol, I was heavily involved in development of system processes and NCP tactics.

 At this point, I wished to further my progression within the company and a role came up for a Senior NCP Fee Earner which I was succession planned into. With this role I started increasing my caseload of exited files. I also improved my skills as a manager by giving technical advice and providing supervision to other NCP Fee Earners. I trained several members of staff who came to me as assistants and later progressed to NCP Fee Earner roles. 

After a while I moved from the NCP Team to become a Fee Earner under one of the Alternative Business Structures (ABS) that we have in place. I gained more experience dealing with Non-NCP disputes, including fraud and LVI allegations.

During my time at the company I have attended various training courses which range from technical courses, webinars, external courses and talks from various Barristers on key topics.

Career aspirations:

At present I would like to continue my development as a Fee Earner and start taking on higher value and more complex cases. Eventually I would like to progress further and eventually become a Fee Earner Manager.

What do you like most about working for 2020 Legal?

2020 Legal Limited is one of the best know firms in the field of RTA. I agree with the firm’s ethos to take proactive action against defendants and to get the best for the clients. I also feel that they have put the correct resources and focus on developing the IT systems in order to help us work more efficiently and proactively. Although the industry has recently undergone and continues to undergo significant changes which favour Defendant’s, 2020 Legal Limited are keen to change with the times and take the required action to stay at the forefront in a competitive industry. There are also great progression opportunities and competitive rewards.